Wolf Song

oh sensitive wolf
what has caused you to share your song
what has caused you to lift your voice
in beauty
to the heavens
in the quiet hush of the forest
with the stars hanging low
where the snowflakes fall
like silent whispers
to the ground
oh wondering human
I sing my song to my Creator
for giving me life
for making me free
for allowing me to exist
without the weight of guilt
without the fear of death
take a lesson from me
wondering human
laugh joyfully
love freely
take time to observe the stars
and the beauty that is set before you
rest peacefully
and love Our Creator
for giving us life
Eternal and Almighty God
has given me life
has filled my soul
with my wolf song and
that is why I sing
so mournfully
so beautifully
and so thankfully
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A woman sits alone in a fragrant field
On a starlit night.
Her wondering eyes take in the vastness
Of the universe and all of its splendor.
The sliver of the moon only magnifies
The infinite shimmering stars.
And she ponders on the meaning of it all.
She wonders if it is better to belong to the mass
At any cost
Or to stay true to herself and live
What she believes.
She chooses the latter.
After all:
It is only herself that she has to live with.
And it is only herself that she will have to die with.
And finally:
It is only she herself that will enter into eternity

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Above The Tree Line

Above the tree line I found peace
Stark and crisp
Under a blue moon
Full, and shining
Ethereal and silvery
I felt free

The air was pure
and felt like crystal silk
as it danced against my skin
It was a breathless feeling
driving up the winding
Mountainous road
Above the tree line

I was able to take a long trip, just me and my horse. We traveled over the eastern sierras and it was truly an awe-inspiring experience to drive up close to 9,000 feet, above the tree line.

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Is This The Church

Is This The Church?

They fought to see
Who could build
A more beautiful building
Than all the rest.

All of the while
People still died
Out on the streets
And they all wondered why.

Velvet cloth covered
Their well made seats
While the poor and hungry
Had nothing to eat.

Gold appointments
Covered their doors
While the homeless slept
On cold bare floors.

They stayed safe in their buildings
And thought themselves wise
So they never heard
The anguished cries.

They had programs and meetings
And talked about what to do.
They became so busy
They forgot me and you.

Jesus was mentioned
But not to offend.
Losing donations
Would mean the end.

Please find me a ‘church’
Who cares for the lost
Who’ll go out into the streets
And never care about the cost.

2007 Cathy Howell

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