Wolf Song

oh sensitive wolf
what has caused you to share your song
what has caused you to lift your voice
in beauty
to the heavens
in the quiet hush of the forest
with the stars hanging low
where the snowflakes fall
like silent whispers
to the ground
oh wondering human
I sing my song to my Creator
for giving me life
for making me free
for allowing me to exist
without the weight of guilt
without the fear of death
take a lesson from me
wondering human
laugh joyfully
love freely
take time to observe the stars
and the beauty that is set before you
rest peacefully
and love Our Creator
for giving us life
Eternal and Almighty God
has given me life
has filled my soul
with my wolf song and
that is why I sing
so mournfully
so beautifully
and so thankfully

About catherinespoems

I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I am an aspiring artist, poet and singer. We have horses and a few dogs!! I am very interested in wolf recovery and am also very interested in missions.
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