A woman sits alone in a fragrant field
On a starlit night.
Her wondering eyes take in the vastness
Of the universe and all of its splendor.
The sliver of the moon only magnifies
The infinite shimmering stars.
And she ponders on the meaning of it all.
She wonders if it is better to belong to the mass
At any cost
Or to stay true to herself and live
What she believes.
She chooses the latter.
After all:
It is only herself that she has to live with.
And it is only herself that she will have to die with.
And finally:
It is only she herself that will enter into eternity


About catherinespoems

I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I am an aspiring artist, poet and singer. We have horses and a few dogs!! I am very interested in wolf recovery and am also very interested in missions.
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